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Charcuterie Inspiration 

Charcuterie boards are so much fun for any occasion. You can make charcuteries fancy or be frugal and still have an amazing looking spread.  Here are a few tips I like to keep in mind when preparing a spread I want to wow people with!

 Having a variety of color and textures in your food is key. Also who doesn't love options. Keep in mind the foods you want to build around. You might have a few different kinds of salami, and want to add bright cheese or crackers with fun texture. 

 I will go to a store that has a bulk section just so I can have a little bit of this and that. Like I said variety makes it pop! This is also a good opportunity for my kids to try new things that they haven't before and buying in the bulk section is a good way to do that, then you can just get a tiny amount of something.

   This is where I like to do candy that is the holiday I am theming around, or fun shapes that will add the the theme.

I will use holiday candy, star shapes to cut the foods, or even cut your veggies into fun things. This usually brings fun colors too.

  Remember this is going to be for a fun gathering so make sure you put the things you love to eat and it will be a hit no matter what!


Bulk Section


Have Fun

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