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gingerbread Charcuterie great to liven up any occasion.


Made of premium birch. This charcuterie has a butcher board protective coat on it. This is a hand wash only item.

I highly recommend placing plastic wrap down prior to placing berries or juicy foods that could potentially stain the wood.


All signs are handcrafted from real wood and no two pieces of wood are the same. Please expect variation and differences in the product due to knots in the wood cracks and the shape of the natural wood. Knots in the wood take stain differently than other areas of wood, this will change the appearance of the finished product from the picture.

Gingerbread Charcuterie Tray

  • Hand wash only. Do not submerged under water. This is Real wood so be mindful of foods that will stain. You can add another coat of butcher board protective coat as needed.

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